NBA Players Resume Playoffs After Brief Protest

Picture by ESPN

As reported On ESPN’s breaking news, National Basketball Association (NBA) professional basketball players have decided to resume its playoffs, which they had been protesting and refusing to play due to the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man from Wisconsin.

NBA player for the Lakers, Lebron James, tweeted: “Change doesn’t happen with just talk!! It happens with action and needs to happen NOW! For my @IPROMISESchool kids, kids and communities across the country, it’s on US to make a difference. Together. That’s why your vote is @morethanavote #BlackLivesMatter.”

Normally, the NBA playoffs would have ended in June, but they were delayed due to travel restrictions of the coronavirus outbreak. As a result, the playoffs were postponed and scheduled for August 17 to October 13.

Many NBA players have become actively involved in the Black Lives Matter movement, painting the phrase on courts, wearing it on their clothes, and wearing pins, wanting for racial justice. The NBA players have been leading boycotts and speaking out publicly against racism in America. They have now decided to return to playing in the playoffs, with only three games have been postponed.

Although college sports seasons are under way, including NCAA men’s basketball and college football leagues, many professional sports seasons have been delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. But as the NBA playoffs are running, it looks as if the NBA may have a regular playing season.

As a side note, the NBA draft is scheduled for Friday, October 16, and the NBA is currently conducting mock drafts. First pick for the NBA seems like it will be from former Georgia Bulldogs college player, Anthony Edwards. The NBA team to have the first pick is the Minnesota Timberwolves with the California Golden State Warriors with second pick. The teams with the first picks are the teams that did not win as many games in the prior year and were ranked the lowest. This system gives those teams an opportunity to recruit the top picks in the rookie draft.

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