Burnt Crumbs Kindles Love of Sandwiches

Burnt Crumbs, a restaurant with two locations in Orange County, California specializes in sandwiches. It is a casual dining experience where customers line up to order food at the front from menus hanging from the ceiling. 

At the Irvine location, the staff was friendly and talkative, describing how business has been going in recent months with the ongoing pandemic. The worker said that they were trying their best given the health and safety challenges of running a restaurant.  “We’re about as happy as we can be and staying pretty busy.”

Outside the restaurant, there is a sign that indicates only one customer may be allowed in at a time.  The lights hanging from metal wires on the ceiling made the restaurant glow from the outside. When it was my turn to go in, I was welcomed in by the aroma of melting cheese and freshly baked bread. The interior had a cozy, farmhouse feel with its sleek wooden tables paired with tall metal chairs. Beyond the large counter where you order was the open kitchen.

The menu is filled with brunch and lunch sandwiches that could be customized for each customer, along with standard sides like french fries and salads. I was there for brunch and was pleased with the selection of breakfast items like pancakes, breakfast burrito, eggs, potatoes, salad, and, of course, customizable breakfast sandwiches.  I ordered the sausage, egg, and cheddar sandwich on a brioche bun, which was the most delicious breakfast sandwich I have ever had. There was a large sausage patty, tender and juicy on the inside, browned and slightly crispy on the outside. The melted cheddar cheese was spiced and flavorful, similar to a queso sauce flavor, and the fluffy scrambled eggs were perfectly cooked. The best surprise was that the sandwich came with crispy breakfast potatoes, which I had not noticed on the menu when I ordered the sandwich.

My friend ordered a breakfast burrito, which had a blast of flavor, filled with eggs, sausage, onions, sauces, and potatoes – all the most classic and scrumptious breakfast foods combined.  We enjoyed our brunch on the outside patio where there was plenty of socially distanced seating. Overall, I would highly recommend Burnt Crumbs. The service and food exceeded by expectations!

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