Mayhem Prevails in First Presidential Debate

Picture Credit: Jim Watson and Sam Loeb AFP/Getty Images

On Tuesday night, Republican candidate President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Vice President Joe Biden participated in their first of three presidential debates.  Moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News covered six topics, including the Supreme Court justice nominee, the handling of the coronavirus, the economy, President Trump’s and Mr. Biden’s political/tax records, race issues, and the validity of the upcoming election results. 

Throughout the entire event, the candidates were interrupting and talking over each other. They also insulted each other many times. Wallace struggled to keep order. Many of the statements made were deemed to be false and misleading. In the days following the debate, there has been widespread criticism of the two candidates and their language, tone and behavior during the debate. 

Next week, the two vice presidential candidates will participate in a debate in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Then the following week on October 15, President Trump and Mr. Biden will face each other again in their second debate in Miami, moderated by Steve Cully of C-SPAN.

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