Tension During Last Night’s Constricted Presidential Debate

Picture Credit: Julio Cortez/AP Photo

Last night’s presidential debate, the last one before the election, was similar to the first debate last month but with many fewer interruptions. For the first time in the history of presidential debates, the microphone of one candidate turned off while the other candidate was speaking for two minutes at a time. 

Everyone knows that the reason for this new policy was that in the first debate, President Donald Trump and Joe Biden were constantly interrupting and speaking over one another. In spite of this policy, the debate turned into an aggressive verbal fight.

Again, the two opponents had vastly different views on controversial topics such as climate change, the coronavirus and health, economy, and immigration rules. On the topic of coronavirus, where Trump claimed that the pandemic was coming to an end, while Biden claimed that this winter will be a “dark winter.” 

This debate was fact-checked by credible news sources. According to the New York Times, certain statements made by Trump were incorrect, such as that coronavirus was ending and life would be going back to normal because a vaccine was coming very soon.

Biden throughout the debate stuck to his message that Americans need an organized and strategic leader who can guide the way for American’s out of this pandemic, and that he would be the right leader to do that. He attacked the president for not having a plan during these times and that the rest of this year will be hard as a result.

The conversation escalated into a series of attacks back and forth, and when it turned to Trump’s immigration policies, Biden claimed that if he became president, he would allow migrants to have a legal status in the first 100 days of his presidential administration.

After ending on some controversial and heavily opinionated topics, the last direct face-off between Trump and Biden came to a close.  Now the candidates will continue working hard on the campaign trail, touring the United States to meet their constituents. Biden has been touring a lot and giving many speeches. Even former President Barack Obama has hit the campaign trail to support his friend Biden.  Trump, having recovered from the coronavirus, has been resuming his campaign activity as well.

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