What will the 2021 Olympics Look Like?

By: Staff Writer EMC

Picture Credit: Latinitas Magazine

Last year, on July 23, 2020, the Olympics were canceled due to COVID-19. This year, authorities plan to change things and allow people to participate in the Olympics. However, things will change and limitations will be applied. People have been speculating whether or not these games will be held. According to ESPN “two surveys revealed that more than 80% of the Japanese citizens surveyed believed the games would not go on — or should not.” So, the question still stands: Will the Olympics still occur on July 23, 2021?

When are the Olympics Supposed to Start?

These games are supposed to start on July 23 of 2021. This, however, is still not concrete as the cornavirus is still present around the world. Over 11,000 athletes are waiting to travel to Tokyo (where the Olympics will be held), and also thousands of officials, staff, coaches, and managers. All of these people are waiting to compete to these Olympics, but will it even happen?

The Limitations

With the Coronavirus occurring, there are bound to be many limitations that help people stay safe in these hard times. Travelers have to be tested negative within 72 hours of departure to Tokyo, and have to be negative when they arrive. People will be restricted to interact socially within the first 14 days of their arrival, and can only watch the events that they participate in. Also, there is still the rule of keeping six feet of distance between people and wearing a mask at all times. Additionally, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) recommends getting vaccinated before participating in the Olympics. While this may not be possible for everyone, it would be a safety method to enhance the safety of the Olympics. The amount of fans will also be limited by. The IOC is trying to hold fans in the stadiums but will need to use appropriate safety practices.

The History of the Olympics

The history of the Olympics is important to realize because many people wonder why exactly we need them to take place, especially in this time. The Olympic games originated in Greece around 3,000 years ago. The first Games were made to honor the Greek Gods like Zeus and Athena. The first written records of the Games were dated back to the 776 B.C., although some believe there were Olympic events even earlier than that. Now, the Olympics we know have countless sports, over 300, but they haven’t always been like they are now. The first Games only had around 40 events and the proceedings were not as proffessional or grand as they Games now.

Why are the Olympics Relevant?

The Olympics give athletes a chance to display their skill and allows them to entertain. Also, this tradition has been around for centuries and people really enjoy it. The Games are a way for people all over the world to have friendly competition as well.

All in all, the Olympics contain many big events and many are hoping for the 2021 Olympics (postponed from 2020 to this year due to the pandemic) to be just as fun as usual ut also following the COVID guidelines.

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